Pre-wedding photography is a growing trend where committed couples decide to take a professional photo session in a special place before their wedding day. Although the terms used are the same way, there is a slight difference between the pre-wedding photography and the engagement photography.

Pre-Wedding photography vs Engagement photography

Si bien ambas sesiones de fotos se toman antes del día de la boda real, la fotografía anterior a la boda ve a las parejas con sus trajes de boda completos. La fotografía de compromiso, por otro lado, hace que las parejas usen ropa que no usarían el día de su boda, generalmente atuendos casuales.

While both photo sessions are taken before the wedding day, in the pre-wedding photo, couples wear full wedding attire. Engagement photography, on the other hand, makes couples wear clothes they would not wear on their wedding day, usually casual attire.

What is the pre-wedding photography?

Pre-wedding photography is a fairly new trend that originates in Asia. It is similar to engagement photography, where couples wear more casual clothes and the photos are more fun. However, in the pre-wedding photography the shooting is usually done a few months before the wedding and the couples wear their wedding dresses. The real wedding day couples go crazy from one place to another and most of the photos are made with friends and family. However, pre-wedding photography allows couples to wear their wedding attire, and choose their favorite poses and locations to remember forever.

Some couples will have the same photographer both in the pre-wedding and on the day of the wedding. This helps to establish a good relationship with the photographer and makes them feel more comfortable on their wedding day. The photographer will also have the opportunity to study the couple, and see how to work with them to capture the best possible photos.

Engagement photography

Also known as photographs before the wedding, engagement photographs are usually taken in places such as beaches, parks, historical places or different locations where couples in love and the photographer can capture the essence of their commitment. Like the Pre-Wedding photographs with their wedding dresses, it is a way to test the photographer before the big day.

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