What kind of light is the perfect one to make a photograph? – Pittaluga Photography

If you are entering to the world of photography, it is normal that one of the first doubts that may arise you is what kind of light do I need in order for my picture to be perfect? So from Pittaluga Photography, we give you some tips to have in mind when shooting your photos.

The importance of light in photography

The light is what fills with meaning and quality all the photographs we want to make. That’s why the first thing we have to do is ask ourselves a series of questions …

What do we want to photograph?

What do we want to convey with that photograph?

Do we want hard light?

Do we want soft light?

Once we have clear objectives and the effect we want to achieve, we will establish the type of light we need.

If you are looking for a soft and delicate lighting, you can take your pictures early in the day or if you do not want to get up early, at sunset you’ll get a soft light and a continuous transition between lights and shadows. The warm low lighting of these hours of the day bring to light the colors and improve the textures, providing a unique tonalities to your photography.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a great clarity, a strong light or strong shadows, you can make your photographs at noon where the sun is in its highest position to ensure there is no transition between light and shadow.

It is say that the biggest challenge of a good photographer is to master lighting. Only the one who masters light completely manages to portray feelings.