Pittaluga Photography – Alicante

Have you ever thought why we take so many pictures of things?

The reason is simple. To help the memory and break the time. To tell stories, our stories. To stop the clock ticking and never be old. To be reminded when we are different or gone. We take photographs because we want to transcend time and relive the best moments forever. We want to break the laws of physics, we want to increase color, we want to expand white and black, we want to blur to focus. We want to use filters that deteriorate the image, we want the new to look old and the old look new. We want to share with our family and friends those trips where they were not there, or the photos of the party where they were. We want to upload photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and whatever they invent. To be the rock stars in our 15 pictures of fame.

We want, in short, to share with the world what our eyes see.

Therefore, the fact of taking photographs, having them and keeping them is such an important part of our history.

At Pittaluga Photografy studio in Alicante, we take care that your memories have their own stamp. For this reason, we photograph weddings, communions, children, baby, urban

If you want to have a unique memory… Visit us!!